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    At Garage Doors Durham we believe that the security of your home is important. Your garage door can be a huge security risk, so it is vital to make sure that it is in top shape to aide in the protection of your home. There are lots of things to consider when looking for a garage door, especially security.


    Garages come in a wide variety of buildings, and all have different security needs. They don’t just store vehicles either and can be used as offices or storage spaces. This type of usage means that there is a great deal of value stored in your garage, and is at risk of being stolen. Garages can also have entrance ways into the home, posing a further security risk.

    The very first thing you will need to consider is the price. How much you are prepared to spend impacts what type of door you are likely to by. Prices can vary quite a bit, so we’ve put together a list of price ranges for garage doors (lowest to highest):

    • Steel up and over doors
    • Roller garage doors
    • Steel/GRP side hinged doors
    • uPVC up and over doors
    • GRP up and over doors
    • Steel sectional garage doors
    • Aluminium roller shutter doors
    • Timber up and over doors
    • Timber side hinged doors
    • Timber sectional doors
    • GRP sectional doors
    • Timber round the corner doors
    • Silverlox timber up and over doors

    From the list above there is quite a large amount of types of doors that are available. Each one has pros and cons, but the security they offer is what is vital. A good lock is the first thing to look out for. Look out for the industry standard, euro profile cylinder lock with handle and internal locking rods. Roller garage doors have a different locking system with many components to make it work. If the lock is secure you’ll need to check the material of the door. Something plastic might be susceptible to being cut through with a sharp knife to gain access to the internal lock.

    Detached garages are usually constructed with brick and prove to be less of a security risk to the main property. Some will have a pedestrian door, as well as a vehicle door. Some will also have windows. They are usually set back from the street a bit more as well, and are generally considered safer than other types of garage.

    Attached garages are often made of the same materials as the dwelling it is attached to. There is often a pedestrian door inside the garage that leads straight into the home. If you have a garage attached to a modern house, then it is common for an interconnecting door between the garage and the dwelling. You’ll need to make sure that the interconnecting door is fireproof for at least half an hour, and to make sure that they are tested to BS 476 Part 22. This is standard and is required by building regulators and the door also needs to be self-closing. If the door isn’t fire resistant for at least half an hour then consider changing your door to one that is.

    If you want to improve the security of your roller shutter garage doors then contact your supplier. Don’t attempt to improve them yourself, as the retro-fitting of the locks may cause damage to the safety and motor systems. The same can be applied to up-and-over doors. If you want to improve the security of yours then make sure to contact your manufacturer for advice.

    Finally, there are a few other small ways to improve the overall security of your garage. Always make sure any vehicles inside are always locked. Add additional locks to the inside of any garage doors for extra security. Secure any windows you have and make sure to lock up any bikes or tools that are stored inside.

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