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    Why should you choose a roller garage door?

    At Garage Doors Durham, we like to keep at the very forefront of both tastes and technology in the garage door industry. One trend that is clear is the rapid rise in popularity of the the roller garage door. Representing excellent value for money, they look great and feature number of fantastic benefits that are driving more and more people to buy roller garage doors in Durham.

    Easy to install and maintain
    Due to improvements in modern technology, most garage doors these days are easy to install and maintain, but roller garage doors are easier than most. Because they don’t have any internal tracking mechanism, very little can go wrong with these doors and they’re an excellent choice if you have a non-standard install and have issues such as a sloping roof or a loft hatch to deal with.

    Struggling with driveway space? A roller garage door is your answer
    Some garage doors, such as up and over doors protrude out slightly when the door is opening. For many homes, this isn’t a problem, but for many newer houses that feature short driveways, it means that if you want to access your garage whilst your car is on the drive, you need to reverse the car into the road slightly whilst you open the garage door. This isn’t an issue with a roller garage door because they don’t protrude at all when opened, and makes them a very popular and savvy choice in this situation.

    A range of excellent insulation options available
    More and more of us are using our garage spaces for more than just storing our car. Whether it is as a family playroom, an office, a gym or even a bar, it means that an old style draughty garage door simply isn’t suitable. Thankfully, with roller doors there are a range of insulation options available which means you can enjoy your garage space, whatever you use it for in the warmth.

    Make the most of your garage space
    There’s not many of us who wouldn’t welcome some more storage space in our home. Some types of garage door can take up quite a lot of room in a garage with their mechanism, but that’s not the case with a roller door. Because there is no tracking mechanism taking up volumes of your ceiling space, it leaves you with valuable room to utilise as storage and means that you don’t have to forego that high sided 4×4 car.

    Easily automated
    Like most of our garage doors, roller shutter doors are easily automated and this makes them a very popular choice. It’s not as expensive as you think and the benefits are clear and make using your garage an absolute pleasure to use. If you’re undecided, that’s fine, you can choose to automate at a later date, our Durham garage door installers will be happy to help.

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